So I think my assesment went well. Ultimately, my tutors said that they think I went off brief and it wasn’t what they consider to be a zine, which sucks. However, all the zines I took inspiration from look like that, they followed a narrative and were very clean.

They were positive about my work and said that it was definitely something they could see in a shop and I really have a strength in narrative which is a big compliment.

It’s disappointing that my final zine isn’t what they wanted, but I tried my best and I’ve learnt to have more confidence in mediums like collage. And to not disregard a piece of work just because it took less time. I’ll try and build up my confidence and act on the feedback I have been given.a

Binding my zines.

I chose to use the 3 hole pamphlet stitch for this zine, because it is simple, beautiful and effective. I was originally planning on making it even simpler and using my long arm stapler to bind - however I realised that binding with red thread would really add to my colour palette. 

First, I marked out the holes and punched them through with an awl. I then threaded my needle through the three holes, creating a bind. Sewing the ends together, this fastened my book and gave it a professional look.